Wednesday, 8 June 2022

The Guns of Nouvion. Scene 1.

Daily Briefing. 

  0630 hours. Southern Command HQ.

      Robert Odd-Fellows walked into his office to find, as he expected, his aide John Chard, tea cup in hand, waiting. The usual greetings followed, before getting down to business.

    Item 1.  State of Defences;  Major Chard reported that a large delivery of mines, both anti-personnel and anti tank had been delivered and the previously laid Quaker mines of bully beef tins were being replaced.

   Item 2.   Detailed timetable of the planned inspection tour were finalised. Together with the reports of various exercises under way.

   Item3.   Full details of the High level conference due to take place at Wilton House over the upcoming weekend, and increased security precautions following overflight by German photo reconnaissance.

  Item 4.  Report of the escape of German aircrew with film and capture of enemy agent, currently in hospital awaiting interrogation by special branch officers.

  Item 5.   Final item, passed on to us from the special lot at Beaulieu, regarding the heavy gun that has been playing havoc on the entrance to Poole and Christchurch harbours.

"Railgun position located 7 miles S.E of.........."                                                                                                It appears the security markers were all correct,for our agent in Nouvion, but we  don't know why the transmission was interrupted.   Photo Reccon. have been sent and we wait their report.

Oh, and finally " I found a birthday cake on your desk this morning, it bears the Contessa's mark, but no one knows how it got there."

To be continued; both here and on the sister blog Somewhere in France for anyone interested.

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