Saturday, 27 July 2019

Something in the woods ....

Having not made much progress on finding away onto the grounds of Wilton House they decided to go back home, as they started back Smith noticed a small group of scouts heading up the main road towards the racecourse - something about them wasn't quite right - they looked 'too military'. So they decided to follow them ...
 The scoutmaster turned, gave them a long studious inquiring look and then ordered the scouts to hurry it up a bit; Smith and the Robinsons slowed down to put some distance between them and the scouts. A bit later on the scouts disappeared through a gap in a hedge into the woods.  They waited a bit and Robinson crept through the same gap carefully and hid behind a bush to see what was going on. It looked like a normal scout camp - just as he was about to leave, the scoutmaster shouted "its all clear" and a uniformed officer popped up from behind a bit of a ruined building.
Robinson waited a while straining to catch any more of what was said - he caught - "move the supplies and the small cable drums from the tents in later"; then the officer disappeared - he could hear the muffled noises of some sort of construction work. Only one conclusion he could draw - a secret bunker of sorts - with the scout camp as a front. Robinson slipped out to update the others - perhaps they could pay a return visit to investigate more another time ....


  1. Great story... and the scenery is brilliant. A bucolic English scene.

  2. Nice little update to keep the story moving along :)

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