Saturday, 2 February 2013

Land ho 1

Glancing back at the U-boat as it sank beneath the waves, Heinrich gazed northwards towards the coast.
    The tide was running from the West at about 4 knots, the wind from the East at about 3.

  He turned the prow towards the shore, about half a mile away and dug the paddle deep into the water.
For the first few minutes he made progress until a sudden gust of wind drove him back.
 He turned into the wind and paddled on, a surge of tide swept him westwards parrallel with the shore, another swept him in towards the beach, only for a change in the wind to force him back out to sea.

  He could feel his strength ebbing, wearily he paddled on, the waves cast him this way and that, the wind veered and backed like a mad thing, the tide surged and ebbed. His strength was failing fast,

   Was this how his illustrious military carreer was to end?

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