Sunday 27 January 2013 this for a game of soldiers.

And so Heinrich Schmidt found himself in a small rubber dinghy a few hundred yards off the coast of Southern England.
  As the U- boat slid beneath the waves he realised the naval intelligence of the tides  was badly wrong.
Instead of being able to drift landwards with the tide, he found himself fighting a maelstrom of wind and tide, He steeled himself for the effort and prayed that his strength and energy would be sufficient to get himself safe to shore where he could adopt his true persona of Henry Smith, Traveller in Ladies Underwear.


tradgardmastare said...

Sounds great! Can we be allowed to be followers please?
best wishes

Douglas said...

Technology is winning, but most welcome as soon as my technical expert assists

tidders2 said...

Douglas if you can give me Admin capacity I can sort it out (alter my Blog Author priviliges in Blog Settings-Basic-Permissions-Blog Author)

-- Allan

Douglas said...

Try now, Google seems to think I don`t have an account.

tidders2 said...

Followers gadget now added - took some time to find it not in the main list of Basics presented by Blogger - its now in the 'more gadgets' tab.

-- Follow ON !