Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mr Robinson does some deliveries ....

    Smith and Robinson had been trying to find out more about the airfields near Salisbury and were building up a reasonable amount of information. Somehow they needed to get onto the bases themselves and see how things looked.
    Robinson had managed to get a job with a delivery firm supplying some of the local bases, helping unload the van; at the bigger aerodromes of Boscombe Down and Middle Wallop there was quite tight security and the supplies were usually unloaded at the gate. At least he could be close to the airfields and was able to confirm the presence of fighters and bombers at Boscombe Down; with fighters at Middle Wallop.
    At Old Sarum supplies were unloaded near the gate but he was able to get a closer look at the facilities - he was able to confirm the present of Lysanders and possibly some fighters
Robinson has a look round, while the supply store is opened up ...

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