Friday 17 February 2017

Hello Mrs Robinson

A Quiet evening on the South Coast. All eyes are seaward, waiting for the invader, but life goes on pretty much as normal.
The black marketeers still meet behind the back of the local constabulary, but tonights business is something different.
Messrs Smith and Robinson have arranged a meeting to gain assistance in rescuing Mrs Robinson.
They have little success, the already heightened security is making life difficult for them and it takes some persuasive talking and a large bundle of crisp fivers to get any co-operation, and that is limited to causing a diversion.
They take up position to the rear of the village hall where the prisoner is being kept, only a single Home Guard Sentry is visible and Smith draws his revolver.
Robinson checks the window, it is barred but the only occupant is Mrs Robinson, Miming to her to keep quiet but be ready he joins Smith in waiting for the diversion to begin.
It doesn't take minutes before wardens whistles blow and angry shouts of :Turn that light out"echo down the High Street.
Robinson  hopes that this will cover any noise he makes breaking the window catch, The catch breaks easily but the bars behind are a different matter, it takes the two of them several minutes to remove them. The sentry comes to investigate,as Mrs R clambers through the window.

A single shot rings out and he drops wounded, but the damage has been done and the rest of the Home Guard pour from the main body of the Hall.
 The German spies make a hasty getaway towards the Church where they have a vehicle ready.
There is no sign of them, and one of the Home Guard asks the Scouts who have just emerged from the Scout hut if they have seen anything.
One of the scouts says that three people went up the line of the wall towards the church.He mentions that the lady called him Benjamin and said that he looked good in his uniform.

As they pursue their foe, the Home Guard, sees the verger arguing with 
shadowy figures in the churchyard and they hurry forward. In the distance the German spies can be seen entering the outskirts of Twenty Acre Wood.
For now the enemy has escaped, but Captain Fitzhugh of the local Home Guard rushes back to HQ and the alarm is raised.

Road blocks will be set up on all roads in the area and all Defence units will be on full alert.


Their cover is blown and the trio must make their escape from the area, stopping briefly to collect Mrs Robinson suitcase from the woods where she hid it earlier, they hurry to the vehicle and move off.

In the cab of the van, the spies discuss their options, and decide to make their way to Salisbury and
set up a new base where they can watch for reinforcements moving South.

Opening her suitcase, and removing a Riding whip, Thigh length leather boots, various lacy items of underwear and a collection of woggles. Mrs R accesses the hidden radio and reports the situation to Abwehr headquarters, 
She explains that the items are designed to distract anybody from searching her luggage thoroughly.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Whip,woggles !!!!??? :-)

Frank O Donnell said...

It's the perfect disguise, I could just imagine some red faced English man's reaction to opening that case lol brilliant as ever thanks for sharing.

Douglas said...

Nice to hear that people enjoy their visit to this little part of the web.

tidders said...

A very interesting suitcase :)

Are you trying to distract me Mrs Robinson ....