Friday, 11 March 2016

MTBs leave for patrol duty ....

At the entrance to an estuary from a large river, near to Freazingham-on-Sea, two MTBs slip out to start their daily patrol duty.....


The movement of the MTBs had not gone un-noticed, Smith and Robinson had been watching....
.. now they new where they came out - they needed to find the base and get close enough to get more information - critical as the MTBs would play havoc with any potential invasion landing


  1. Like the clear bases on the figures., Tony

  2. Booooo! Nasssssty Spies. Deserve to be shot.

  3. The MTBS are excellent. What scale/make?

    1. The MTB is made from the Revell kit 1:72 Scale Vosper MTB (with the hull modified to so it sits flat on the table).

      Actually I have only one MTB - I took two photos with crew in different positions and then did cut and paste to get two in the one photo.

  4. True British misinformation going on here, a treat to see.