Thursday, 1 May 2014

Action this Day

Nine o clock came and went, half past, then ten o clock. The men had dug in to protect the bridge, brewed up and were waiting.
   Just before half past ten, the sound of heavy vehicle engines could be heard approaching from Freezingham.
      Still no sign of the Airborne forces from the direction of Littletown, instead the form of an armoured car could be glimpsed through the hedges, cautiously approaching.
     Fingers tightened on triggers as the first of the infantry came creeping towards Major Allmans position.

     The British commanders were obviously uncertain, from Freezingham came the first of the armour, a light tank, a Vickers mk 4, obviously intending to flush out the defenders whilst the infantry suuport was poised to exploit that knowledge and heavier armour waited in reserve.

      The littletown commander had the opposite approach and a screen of infantry came sweeping across the countryside, covered by the turrets of what appeared to be two Rolls armoured cars.

Major Allmans men sighted their weapons on the approaching forces, helmet straps were given a final tightening and looks of good luck flashed around the group.

A very light lit the sky to signal the attack and then the sound of a whistle, reminding many of their days in the trenches, waiting to go over the top.

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