Sunday 11 November 2012


Upstairs in the Attic, Officer of Engineers, John Chard, newly appointed Major on the staff of General Odd studied the map of the area he was now responsible for.
     Where to position Pillboxes, Dragons Teeth, Minefields? The question was for the meantime rhetorical, he had no Cement,Barbed Wire, Steel or Mines.
    He still found it difficult to accept that there would shortly be enemy troops upon his blessed England. That rifle fire and shellburst would disturb the peace of the Golfclub. German Armour would smash through Hundred Acre Wood, paratroops descend on Littletown on Sea or E boats disembark onto the pier at Bournemouth.
     His job was to see that it didn`t happen, that any enemy gained only 6 foot of English soil and that the inhabitants of Bramley End,Much Binding,Ringwood and the rest, could live in Peace.

   He looked out of the Window, on the top of the hill to his left, he could see a lone sentry, rifle slung, but bayonet fixed.
      Somehow it summed up the whole situation.

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