Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Games Afoot.

Having successfully evaded the naval patrols at the mouth of the river, Major Allman and his team made their way up river. They saw no further signs of enemy presence until within sight of the bridge the silhouette of a sentry on the roof of the old toll house made them draw their rubber dinghies into the banks and disembark.
        Somewhere along the journey contact had been lost with Sgt Kessler and his squad. A change in plans was needed, and they hadn`t yet made contact with the enemy.
   Redividing his force Major Allman led the assault on the bridge whilst Lt Neuman with the engineers swung wide to the West to cut the road and prevent any attack on that flank. Lt Schmidt was somewhere on the East bank, tasked with seizing and neutralising the Gun position on the hill commanding the river approaches. Once neutralised it would provide a good strongpoint on his own flank against any force advancing from Freezingham. linking up with the main force at the bridge.Before

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