Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Bridge over the River Tiddle

That Gentlemen of The Kreigsmarine 17th Special Operations Unit is your target
.The Coast road will enable the enemy to bring forces against the flank of our invasion forces,
 Between Freezingham and  Littletown on Sea, where the road swings inland lies the River Tiddle, crossed by a single bridge within 10 miles of the coast .Further to the West lies the River Verre with a road and rail bridge in close proximity, That will be the responsibility of the Airborne forces who will land shortly after you and can be expected to link up with you by lunchtime having cleared the area between the two rivers of all enemy resistance.

Your task is to seize the bridge at first light, prepare it for demolition, should that be necessary to protect our flank, and Hold until relieved.
     Our agents, who supplied the attached map and photographs, reports that the bridge is only lightly held by units of The LDV. but both Freezingham and Littletown have garrisons of regular troops with some light armour in support.
            Good Luck Major Allman ,I will leave you and your 30 companions to make your detailed plans.
      A U-Boat has been made available to land you on the coast at 0200 hrs giving you 3 hours to make your way to your attack positions.


  1. Nice looking table - I await the forthcoming battle with interest !

  2. Major Allman is briefing his men on their assignment ......

  3. Very nice table.....looking forward to developments.