Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Well met by moonlight

A dark, almost moonless night.
      In a  small field near Beaulieu on Southampton Water, a small aircraft  waits to take off.
         Onboard are Squadron leader Charles Cudddlesworth and a brave young woman, codename Clara Rose.
         Her mission is to travel to Nouvion, make contact with the resistance under the leadership of someone called "Nighthawk" and use her radio to report on German activity in the area, she will also act as go between for an agent already in the area known as "Crabapple".
         His is merely to get her there safely. Anti aircraft, nightfighters and SS notwithstanding.

      Her cover is as a waitress in a small cafe, in a pleasant little square, near the harbour.

Her control, known as "The Contessa" watches as the aircraft takes off and disappears into the night.

Bon Chance Clara Rose.


  1. Love me a Lysander. Allo Allo references are brilliant.
    I said this only once.