Sunday, 5 February 2017

Waiting and watching.

A Quiet evening on the South Coast
Dusk is falling, and bored sentries patrol.
Gazing seaward, they see nothing, the setting sun glinting off the sea,dazzles.
Still they wait, looking forward to relief, and a few hours in the village pub.
Guns stand silent, waiting in case the invader comes.
And very quietly he does, his target a radar station built into an old ruin.
Silence this and the invasion fleet can sail, secure from ground radar on this stretch of the coast.
The patrolling sentries are silenced before they become aware of anything amiss.
The demolition party move up to the tower, whilst the larger part of the force moves to deal with the guards barracks in the old church hall.
As they move to surround the hall they are spotted and a shot rings out.
No time for subtlety now, one of the kreigsmarine raiders moves to the window and throws in a grenade.
Whilst shots are exchanged with the alarm giver.
As the grenade explodes killing and injuring the men inside, a soldier appears at the top of the tower.
He shoots rapidly and two of the demolition party go down.
More british troops are coming from the village, a stiff firefight develops, as the demolition party struggle to gain access.
The pressure builds on the holding party.
The warning whistle is sounded, prepare to withdraw.
Still the demolition party are unable to break in, and a third man goes down to the scots in the tower.
As the withdrawal signal is given the remaining member of the demolition team succeeds in hurling a grenade onto the tower roof.
The defenders go down, but it is too late, and strongly pressed, the survivors withdraw to the beach.

Shots follow them as they leave the shore, hopefully they will avoid the attention of the Royal Navy
The Scots watch them disappear into the night. A job well done.


  1. Great looking set up.I really like the corrugated(?)iron church/village hall.
    I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Lovely piece. Which rules do you use?